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TIDE is a software service that connects eCommerce systems to integrate data and automate business operations.   

TIDE’s flexible technology and our knowledgeable approach are key to unlocking efficiency, accuracy and growth.

TIDE automatically synchronises your key business data across all of your systems by integrating sales and return processing, inventory changes, order status updates and product management, and more.

Advanced eCommerce Automation

Multi-Channel Order Processing

Are you selling in high volumes, through multiple channels, in a wide range of markets? TIDE can manage an unlimited number of connections and compile all sales into multiple destination systems, such as Inventory Management and Accounting.  TIDE can apply business rules to  dynamically organise and tag sales to streamline reporting and fulfilment.

Flexible Stock Management & Fulfilment

eCommerce businesses sell and operate across the globe. TIDE ensures that stock updates are synchronised not just by product, but by location as well.  Additionally, TIDE can allocate stock from certain locations dynamically with its Transformation Engine. With its features combined, TIDE enables our customers to sell a product in Location A, arrange pickup from Location B, while managing returns from Location C.

Multi-channel, Multi-location, Multi-currency

TIDE has a flexible and configurable rule engine, that empowers our customers to simultaneously sell through multiple channels, operate in multiple locations and sell in multiple currencies.  TIDE will ensure that stock locations are updated correctly, orders are tagged by the correct sales channel and accurately calculate the correct prices, discounts and taxes.

Customisable, Granular Reporting

TIDE empowers sellers to categorise sales in any way they want, by recognising sales channel, currency, customer, and more. It can then populate sales references, notes, delivery instructions, order groups, and customer types with any sale data that can be used in your reporting process.

Expertise & Experience-led Solutions

TIDE has been automatically syncing data and automating business process since 2016. It has solved many complex business problems and significantly enhanced the productivity of our customers. This experience has been directly fed into our ongoing feature development and the expertise of our team. TIDE customers can rest assured and let TIDE quietly keep their businesses running.

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